Monday, March 24, 2014

The Second Time Around...Peace from the Puzzle

Oh boy, it has been a couple of years since my last blog.  Is there some kind of blogger's confession I can go to?  I was behind the times the first time I did a blog, and I haven't made much progress in the technical or internet world since then.  So with that said, please bare with me. I have started a Facebook page with the same title as this here little blog...Peace From The Puzzle.  A little play on words for the puzzling world in which I live in, along with my two teenage boys, one of which is on the Autism Spectrum, hence the "puzzle" part of the title (*a puzzle piece, for those not familiar, is a symbol associated with Autism).  The "peace" is a play on words, as I try each day to find the positives, and some peace...not just from being a part of an Autism family, but from the craziness and negativity in our world today. 

This poor little blog page is pretty "naked" right now, but as I scratch my way back into the blogosphere, I promise to make it dressier.  Hang in there with me! 

For now, I will sign off, but wanted to get this started before I lost all of my nerve!  Keep coming back, pretty please.  All visitors welcome.  No Autism relationship necessary, if  you just want an escape for a little while, then hop on my blog and sit for a while.  Shuffle around and find some "peace" from your puzzle!

See you all soon! 

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